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We work hard to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn the Holy Quran properly. We offer advanced one-to-one live sessions that you can attend in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you.

We make sure to maintain the highest standards of teaching. Our faculty consists of highly qualified Al-Azhar University graduates with a BA in Quranic and Islamic Studies. All teachers are also trained to use online software and tools to make online lessons fun, interactive and informative for students.

Our effective teaching methodologies are the conventions that set us apart from the competition. One-to-one sessions are live and interactive, allowing students to receive instant feedback from the teacher. A well-designed curriculum arouses students’ interest while keeping them from feeling overburdened.

Every new skill we learn needs a strong foundation, so we
At the Stability Institute, we offer a foundation course through which we correct
Exit and character traits, and a very simple study of the science of intonation
So that the student can identify the priorities that qualify him
To learn and move to the second and third stages so that he can
Finally, by reciting the Noble Qur’an with the correct pronunciation, taking into account the
All provisions of intonation

God Almighty said: {And recite the Qur’an when you recite a verse} that is, recite the Qur’an slowly.
And slow down indicating the letters and standing
• This is what we do at the Institute of Constancy through the Tajweed education course
And the recitation of the Noble Qur’an that comes after the foundation cycle is
It is about correcting the exits and characteristics of the letters for the student and then learning
Tajweed in a very simple way
• After the student has mastered this stage, we move to the second stage
It is the intensive teaching of intonation so that the student can recite
The Noble Qur’an with all the rulings that he learned and the student mastered recitation
The Noble Qur’an with proper pronunciation and by taking out every letter from its mark

At the Institute of Constancy, we memorize the Noble Qur’an with easy educational curricula
Suitable for all age groups, men, women and children, starting from
5 years old
• The course is divided into several levels through which the Holy Quran is memorized
Face to face with the teacher with a certain number of Qur’anic surahs determined by the teacher
According to the circumstances of each student, taking into account the minimum amount of memorization that
Determined by management
• The student is tested in each part, which is permanently memorized with the parts
To help the student always remember and not forget the rest of the parts
• We always make sure that we have a review program at the Stability Institute
To better assist the student to revise all parts of the Qur’an
the cream

our vision

Ensure effective and authentic Quran learning courses from our expert teachers.
Making Quranic learning more easy for children and adults.
Effectively making the Qur’an an integral part of the lives of children and adults.
Ensure that the learning process is innovative and engaging.
Enhance the results of a simple Quran learning session by adding more activities and lessons to engage children and adults.

our mission

We are doing our best by using technology and developing new teaching techniques and methods every day to facilitate the communication of Quranic and Islamic knowledge to all Muslims in the world. We help Muslims from all over the world, especially those living in non-Arabic speaking countries, to learn Quran, Arabic and Islamic studies through one-to-one online sessions with highly qualified teachers.